Review: Healed by Fire by Catherine Banks

Healed by Fire by Catherine BanksTitle: Healed by Fire
Series: Artemis Lupine, #3
Author: Catherine Banks
Publisher: Self published
ISBN: 9781465988805
Tags: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Werewolves, Vampires, Magic
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

“The dark approaches. Fire will consume and restore, happiness and pain must be experienced collectively. Death for three will be the end.”

Her memory taken and her whereabouts unknown Artemis is taken in by a coven of witches who give her the name Chandra. After an intense interaction with the Beta of the Werewolves, whom she can’t deny a connection to, Chandra learns that there are people who know her true identity and that she’s not the only halfbreed werewolf alive. Is he really her mate? Just who was she in this previous life? Does she even want to find out the truth? And can she decipher the meaning of her death prophecy before it’s too late?

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Review: Moon Spell by Samantha Young

Title: Moon Spell
Series: The Tale of Lunarmorte, #1
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9781456453008
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Werewolves, Magic, Paranormal
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

It’s bad enough feeling different among the human crowd, but feeling different among wolves?

No one said returning to her pack would be easy, especially after ten years without them, but seventeen year old Caia Ribeiro is unprepared for the realities of the transition. Raised in a world where kids aren’t scared by bedtime tales of the bogeyman but by the real life threat of enemy supernaturals who might come creeping into their community to kill them in their sleep, Caia is used to the darkness; she’s used to the mystery and the intrigue of the ancient underworld war she’s bound to by chance of birth. What she’s having trouble with are pack members treating her with wary suspicion, the Elders tucking secrets behind their backs out of her sightline, and her young Alpha, Lucien, distracting her, with a dangerous attraction, from her decision to discover the truth.

But as the saying goes ‘the truth will out’ and when it does, Caia will only have so long to prepare herself before the war comes pounding on their door threatening to destroy the safe, secret lives of the wolves… and the girl they protect.

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Review: Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs

Title: Goddess Boot Camp
Series: Oh. My. Gods., #2
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Publisher: Penguin Group US
ISBN: 9781101018347
Tags: Young Adult, Magic, Gods, Romance, Mythology, Paranormal
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥

Phoebe, who recently discovered she’s a descendant of Nike (the goddess, not the shoe), is finding that supernatural powers come with a crazy learning curve. Her stepfather, headmaster of the Academy for descendants of the Greek gods, has enrolled her at Dynamotheos Development Camp—aka Goddess Boot Camp—with a bunch of ten-year-olds for the summer. Embarrassing as that is, hopefully it’ll help her gain control over her powers in time to pass the test of the gods, continue training hard enough to qualify for the Pythian Games, and enjoy her godly boyfriend, Griffin, all while avoiding the ultimate mistake of accidentally misusing powers.

It’s another fast-paced myth-inspired heroine’s quest that’s sure to bring out the goddess in anyone.

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Review: Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

Title: Oh. My. Gods.
Series: Oh. My. Gods., #1
Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Publisher: Dutton Children’s
ISBN: 9781436209830
Tags: Young Adult, Magic, Gods, Romance, Mythology, Paranormal
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

When Phoebe’s mom returns from Greece with a new husband and plans to move to an island in the Aegean Sea, Phoebe’s well-plotted senior year becomes ancient history. Now, instead of enjoying a triumphant track season and planning for college with her best friends, Phoebe is trying to keep her head above water at the überexclusive Academy. If it isn’t hard enough being the new kid in school, Phoebe’s classmates are all descendants of the Greek gods! When you’re running against teammates with superpowers, dealing with a stepsister from Hades, and nursing a crush on a boy who is quite literally a god, the drama takes on mythic proportions!

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Review: Ward against Death by Melanie Card

Title: Ward against Death
Series: Chronicles of a reluctant Necromancer, #1
Author: Melanie Card
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 9781937044084
Tags: New Adult, Magic, Fantasy
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Twenty-year-old Ward de’Ath expected this to be a simple job—bring a nobleman’s daughter back from the dead for fifteen minutes, let her family say good-bye, and launch his fledgling career as a necromancer. Goddess knows he can’t be a surgeon—the Quayestri already branded him a criminal for trying—so bringing people back from the dead it is.

But when Ward wakes the beautiful Celia Carlyle, he gets more than he bargained for. Insistent that she’s been murdered, Celia begs Ward to keep her alive and help her find justice. By the time she drags him out her bedroom window and into the sewers, Ward can’t bring himself to break his damned physician’s Oath and desert her.

However, nothing is as it seems—including Celia. One second, she’s treating Ward like sewage, the next she’s kissing him. And for a nobleman’s daughter, she sure has a lot of enemies. If he could just convince his heart to give up on the infuriating beauty, he might get out of this alive…

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Review: Denial by Lauren Barnholdt & Aaron Gorvine

Title: Denial
Series: The Witches of Santa Anna, #8
Author: Lauren Barnholdt & Aaron Gorvine
Publisher: Self Published
Tags: Young Adult, Magic, Paranormal, Witches, Romance
Hearts: ♥ ♥
Note: Digital books only

In Season One of The Witches of Santa Anna, Natalia and Cam had to fight to be together.

In Season Two, they’ll fight even harder not to lose each other.

With Raine gone, Cam and Natalia believe the worst is behind them. But Raine’s left a trail of collateral damage in her wake.

Cam’s starting to realize that he can’t protect Natalia from the forces out to take her from him. And Natalia still can’t figure out who to trust.

Everyone at Santa Anna is on edge, wondering when Raine’s going to come back.

Because the thing about Raine? She doesn’t give up that easily. She has friends. Powerful friends. Friends that want to make sure Cam and Natalia don’t stay together.

And in the end, Cam and Natalia will be forced to battle something more powerful than they ever imagined.

Alliances will be broken. Bonds will be tested. Questions will be answered. And you won’t believe how it all turns out.

With new characters, new dangers, and new secrets, Season Two of the Witches of Santa Anna proves that true love conquers all and that nothing – not even pure evil – can change your destiny….

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Review: The War of Mists by Robert Fanney

Title: The War of Mists
Series: Luthiel’s Song, #2
Author: Robert Fanney
Publisher: Dark Forest Press
ISBN: 9780976422617
Tags: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Werewolves, Elves
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥

She chose to die in her sister’s place and yet she lived. Luthiel, just 15 years old, made a brave peace with the dreaded Vyrl of the Vale of Mists. Now she must face an army sent to destroy them.
With her companions — the werewolf Othalas, the dragon Melkion, the sorcerer Mithorden, a Vyrl named Ecthellien, and the elf Vaelros who would love her — Luthiel races back to the angry faelands to beg forgiveness for monsters.
Who, if any, will survive the journey? For the Vale is surrounded by the webs of Widdershae, and the only other path leads to the Red Moon — where an ancient evil waits in the flames.
Beyond the Vale, the home she left is not the same. Armies march for vengeance. Powers play their hands in a game of ages. In the sky something evil stirs. Rumors of a dark prophecy. Whispers of a “Blood Witch.” And signs foretelling an ancient doom terrible enough to destroy worlds.

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