Till the next time we meet….

Hello everyone,

After dubbing and doubting, going over various possibilities, there was unfortunately only one decision to make: I’ll be on an indefinite hiatus. WHAT? Why this sudden? Yeah, my loyal followers will probably know that recently I graduated. I found a job quickly too, fortunately. And there lies the problem. From student life to full-time at work is a great transition. One that means, for me that I’m dead tired when I finally get home. Too tired to even read a page in a book. Since I don’t read, there are also no reviews to write. How about the weekends? Well, I’m from a huge family, which means that in the weekends there’s usually something to do and therefore I still don’t have time to read…

I also don’t feel like reading books at the moment! I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to start a new book, to show some interest. I guess I’m just REALLY tired. I know I might be whining a bit here, but I just can’t bring myself to read. I’ve tried several things to regain my interest, but to no avail. Even rereading some of my all time favorite books did not help!

Therefore I can only do one thing and that is going on an indefinite hiatus, hoping that some day soon I’m used to my new rhythm and I have regained my interest.

Hopefully till then!

Handtekening Witchmag


A little help needed for Jess E. Owen

Song of the Summer King by Jess E. Owen
At the beginning of this year I read a book so awesome, it completely rocked my world. Never before had I read a book that had such a great impact on me. That book was Song of the Summer King, written by Jess E. Owen. If you want to find out why I found it so amazing, please read my review here. If you want to know more about the amazing writer, you can go to her website.

Jess is currently working very hard to publish the second book in the series, Skyfire. But in order for that to happen she needs a bit of help. Therefore she created a Kickstarter. In it she explains why she needs the money and for what she’ll be using it. And she has made some great rewards available for people who help support her. For example, for only $5 you’ll receive an e-copy of Skyfire and if you “pledge” $10 she’ll send you both Song of the Summer King and Skyfire. You don’t need to give money though, just spreading the word would help so much!

Once again, Song of the Summer King is a true must read that will do something with you. The sequel will be at least as amazing as the first book and I’m dying to read it (I know, I know it’s obvious I’m doing this for my own gain too 😉 ). So please check out the Kickstarter and help her!

We need you


Handtekening Witchmag



It took some time, but I’m finally BACK! *Throws confetti everywhere* After more than a month away I’m happy I’ll be able to blog once again. And what a month it was. My final exams, graduation and searching for work. Now everything is past me and I’ll soon be able to start at my new job. So excited!

At the moment I’m enjoying my last few days of freedom. For once we have great weather here in the Netherlands and I’m making the most of it. I’ve read tons of books, so I’m itching to write the reviews and post them online so you can see what I’ve done during my “break” and if you agree with my opinion ^^ There are also some fun blog tours coming this way, so look forward to them too ^^

So, without further ado, I now pronounce that Witchmag’s Boekenplank is once again open for business ^^

A Short Break


Yes, once again it’s that time of year. With all-nighters and cramming. With frantic study sessions. With heaps of stencils and books you still have to work your way through. With berating yourself for not having paid more attention in class. Every student knows it and dreads it: exam time. And since this will hopefully be the last time I have to go through this and didn’t prepare post before hand, I decided to take a short break from blogging till I have finished all and have my diploma in hand ^^ So I hope to see everyone once again in a couple of weeks. And for all my fellow students out there: good luck!

What a great vacation!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was laying in bed with a high fever. Today I’m feeling a little better, enough to write this quick post before going to bed, once again. Being sick sucks. Especially during your vacation ;( . I hope to be better by Monday  so hopefully I’ll be able to post something then 😉

Amazon: Allow international Amazon customers to lend Kindle books

And I’m now officially back! Sorry for the short hiatus, but with all the exams, holidays and such it was a bit too much to also update my blog regularly and read books. Fortunately all this is over now, so I can finally read again! It’s been sooo long since I’ve read a book. I’m really craving my books now 😉

I also want to use this post to bring the following to your attention: a petition. A petition started by Catherine from Booklending.com. A site that matches kindle lenders and borrowers. I also use it often. She started a petition so people from outside the US would be allowed to lend books too.

At the moment international Kindle users, including me, are unable to lend books to other people. We can borrow, but not lend. Which is a bit strange, don’t you think? Therefore Catherine started this petition, so we can make it clear to Amazon that there are a lot of people outside the USA who want to lend book to others too. I’ve got soo many books I could lent to other people. So please help support our case and sign! And be sure to let other people now about it too!

We need you

Please sign the petition!