Review: Dragon’s Milk by Susan Fletcher

Dragon's Milk by Susan FletcherTitle: Dragon’s Milk
Series: Dragon Chronicles, #1
Author: Susan Fletcher
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781442407077
Tags: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dragons
Source: Bought
Hearts: ♥ ♥

“You must go to the dragon. You must leave tonight.”

Before she even hears the words, Kaeldra already knows what she must do. She must search out the mother dragon whose draclings have just hatched and somehow get some of her precious milk. It’s the only way to save her foster-sister’s life. Kaeldra would rather not go. It’s much too terriffying, much too dangerous. But Kaeldra knows that she’s the only one who can do it. For she is the only one who can actually communicate with dragons.

But little does Kaeldra know what she’s getting into. She’s about to begin a journey that will entwine her fate with that of three little draclings and one would-be dragonslayer. A journey the will become a struggle for life.

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Review: Ward against Death by Melanie Card

Title: Ward against Death
Series: Chronicles of a reluctant Necromancer, #1
Author: Melanie Card
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 9781937044084
Tags: New Adult, Magic, Fantasy
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Twenty-year-old Ward de’Ath expected this to be a simple job—bring a nobleman’s daughter back from the dead for fifteen minutes, let her family say good-bye, and launch his fledgling career as a necromancer. Goddess knows he can’t be a surgeon—the Quayestri already branded him a criminal for trying—so bringing people back from the dead it is.

But when Ward wakes the beautiful Celia Carlyle, he gets more than he bargained for. Insistent that she’s been murdered, Celia begs Ward to keep her alive and help her find justice. By the time she drags him out her bedroom window and into the sewers, Ward can’t bring himself to break his damned physician’s Oath and desert her.

However, nothing is as it seems—including Celia. One second, she’s treating Ward like sewage, the next she’s kissing him. And for a nobleman’s daughter, she sure has a lot of enemies. If he could just convince his heart to give up on the infuriating beauty, he might get out of this alive…

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Review: The War of Mists by Robert Fanney

Title: The War of Mists
Series: Luthiel’s Song, #2
Author: Robert Fanney
Publisher: Dark Forest Press
ISBN: 9780976422617
Tags: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Werewolves, Elves
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥

She chose to die in her sister’s place and yet she lived. Luthiel, just 15 years old, made a brave peace with the dreaded Vyrl of the Vale of Mists. Now she must face an army sent to destroy them.
With her companions — the werewolf Othalas, the dragon Melkion, the sorcerer Mithorden, a Vyrl named Ecthellien, and the elf Vaelros who would love her — Luthiel races back to the angry faelands to beg forgiveness for monsters.
Who, if any, will survive the journey? For the Vale is surrounded by the webs of Widdershae, and the only other path leads to the Red Moon — where an ancient evil waits in the flames.
Beyond the Vale, the home she left is not the same. Armies march for vengeance. Powers play their hands in a game of ages. In the sky something evil stirs. Rumors of a dark prophecy. Whispers of a “Blood Witch.” And signs foretelling an ancient doom terrible enough to destroy worlds.

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