Till the next time we meet….

Hello everyone,

After dubbing and doubting, going over various possibilities, there was unfortunately only one decision to make: I’ll be on an indefinite hiatus. WHAT? Why this sudden? Yeah, my loyal followers will probably know that recently I graduated. I found a job quickly too, fortunately. And there lies the problem. From student life to full-time at work is a great transition. One that means, for me that I’m dead tired when I finally get home. Too tired to even read a page in a book. Since I don’t read, there are also no reviews to write. How about the weekends? Well, I’m from a huge family, which means that in the weekends there’s usually something to do and therefore I still don’t have time to read…

I also don’t feel like reading books at the moment! I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to start a new book, to show some interest. I guess I’m just REALLY tired. I know I might be whining a bit here, but I just can’t bring myself to read. I’ve tried several things to regain my interest, but to no avail. Even rereading some of my all time favorite books did not help!

Therefore I can only do one thing and that is going on an indefinite hiatus, hoping that some day soon I’m used to my new rhythm and I have regained my interest.

Hopefully till then!

Handtekening Witchmag


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I'm a student, avid reader and love to read books with shifters in it ;)

2 thoughts on “Till the next time we meet….”

  1. Congratulations on finding a job so quickly after graduation. Enjoy your hiatus and don’t feel guilty for not reading. We all have to take breaks and find time to recharge. Maybe you’ll discover a new passion. Or, maybe you’ll return to reviews one day. The important thing is that you follow your heart and do what you feel you need to do. Take care of yourself, relax, and enjoy your family.


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