A little help needed for Jess E. Owen

Song of the Summer King by Jess E. Owen
At the beginning of this year I read a book so awesome, it completely rocked my world. Never before had I read a book that had such a great impact on me. That book was Song of the Summer King, written by Jess E. Owen. If you want to find out why I found it so amazing, please read my review here. If you want to know more about the amazing writer, you can go to her website.

Jess is currently working very hard to publish the second book in the series, Skyfire. But in order for that to happen she needs a bit of help. Therefore she created a Kickstarter. In it she explains why she needs the money and for what she’ll be using it. And she has made some great rewards available for people who help support her. For example, for only $5 you’ll receive an e-copy of Skyfire and if you “pledge” $10 she’ll send you both Song of the Summer King and Skyfire. You don’t need to give money though, just spreading the word would help so much!

Once again, Song of the Summer King is a true must read that will do something with you. The sequel will be at least as amazing as the first book and I’m dying to read it (I know, I know it’s obvious I’m doing this for my own gain too 😉 ). So please check out the Kickstarter and help her!

We need you


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One thought on “A little help needed for Jess E. Owen”

  1. My granddaughter learned that your enemies do with more than only government stuff, just imagining what the she wolf tells Shard the gryfon after reading this book’s summary. This book got her 2 ways her steadfast Compassion for wolves and her Interest of finding new fantasy adventures. Shard’s the first gryfon to call her. We’re hoping to see the 4th book in paperback as well at least soon please.

    She’s a 26 year old who’s disabled however she can read skillfully, I gave my disabled granddaughter extra reading practice and she reads on even after her 3 years in the LIFE PROGRAM. The other thing is she has no trouble visualizing a character’s motions, and when it’s a wolf she’s able to hear the voice too. The wolves’ advice from quotes, prayers, wishes shown in science books, and their advice from fiction chapter book series too guide her well. We’d consider this book and the rest of the series of Shard one of the best! And my Granddaughter’s already wondering what else this other she wolf will teach her, she’s also learned from the she wolf Odessa in Beyond the Valley of Thorns written by Patrick Carman.

    Please sell the 4th book By the Silver Wind also in paperback soon enough to be a Birthday or Christmas gift.

    Jasmine Olson using her Grandma’s email address to speak here Thanks!


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