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Hello everyone and welcome at my stop of the Red Madrassa Blog Tour! 

The Book

A magical accident threw them together. But when Fate holds all the cards, it can be impossible to tell the difference between pure chance and Destiny…

The Madrassa, a magical school for mage practitioners, is the stuff of legend. With selective entrance exams and quotas for only the most advanced of mage children, it’s almost impossible to attend.

When Allorna, a guardian trainee for the royal family, ends up on the doorstep of the citadel on the eve of the final day of a recruitment ceremony, she decides it must be fate.

She was sure she knew the path her life would take before she enrolled. But sometimes life has a way of throwing in magical curveballs and strange friends, just to see if you’ll trip up.

Oh, and one of those friends is a mage accused of murder, another is a slightly psychotic dragon, the third a healer facing an existential crisis, and the last is a female storm-caller with more hidden secrets than a thief lord.

Do they all belong at the new school they call home?

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Sitara had been ignoring them. She was focused on the School of Air, where she could see with her own eyes the students—normal, un-winged students—actually flying. Not very far, but honest-to-gods flying. There was an open round balcony on the second flower of the Air Tower. From there, students were launching themselves from the balcony with what looked like microbursts of air. There were robed Initiates stationed on the ground and in the Air to make sure their launches where successful. Will I be able to do that? she wondered.

“Fascinating, isn’t it?” came a voice from her left. Startled, she looked around and saw a man with silver hair and brown eyes standing there. He gestured with white hands towards the flyers. “I think flying unassisted is one of the most fascinating things about being a student of Air.”

That was when Sitara blinked and nearly fainted. The air was shimmering around the man, as if conspiring to block her vision. Vedaris stepped forward to her side, away from the other youths’ conversation about graduation and senior raditions. With a careful hand on her shoulder, he aimed a glare at the white-haired man who was unsettling her. He opted to go with a street cant when saying, “Wha’s yer problem, bloke?”

And at that very moment, Vedaris’ Innate magic decided to act—or rather, react to Sitara’s. His eyes widened in disbelief; it was as if a cloak had dropped from the man’s shoulders. Vedaris turned to Sitara ever so slightly with a whispered, “Do you see that?”

Sitara, still silent but now in shock, indeed saw the same thing. Cartilaginous wings sprouted from the man’s neck to his lower back, rooted in his shoulder blades. White wings. Huge white wings. Vedaris gulped and tried to remain calm.

The man, who had stood looking at the flying students until now, turned to face them with a cool and calculating look. After a long moment he said icily, “It’s rude to reveal another person’s true form, you know.”

Sitara, snapped back into reality by the censure, blurted, “I…I…we’re sorry. I just, just saw the light bending around you, and then when Vedaris came over, and well…it’s like it fell away.” She continued in a rush, almost tripping over her words, “Are you an Ansari?”

Vedaris forbore rolling his eyes, thinking, Of course he dreckin’ is. What else looks Human but has huge white wings?

“Indeed,” the winged man said, glaring at Vedaris. “I am Thoth, of the School of the Unknown.” He shifted his gaze to Sitara, tilting his head in a big-eyed stare reminiscent of an owl. “The light just fell away, you said? Yet the light would not just fall. You commanded it to do so, unintentionally or not. Always remember that.”

He directed his next comment to Vedaris: “Young man, here is your first formal lesson. Seeing is not always believing. Good day to you both.” And then he turned and walked towards the towers.

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The Author

Terah Edun is a young adult  fantasy writer born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, who transplanted to the Northeast region for college, and now lives in South Sudan. She writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl.

She prefers tales of adventure, magic, fellowship and courtship – in other words high fantasy. But she’s not adverse to the occasional contemporary fantasy coming her way. Sometimes you’ll see cloaks, daggers, independent and strong girls, independent and strong guys, sweet and soft spoken girls, sweet and soft spoken guys, markets, cute guys, sparkly magic and irritatingly know-it-all boys. The book she’s currently working on is SWORN TO RAISE,  the first in the Courtlight series.

Outside of writing, she’s a international development professional with a penchant for Starbucks.


Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

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