Review: Blood Past by Samantha Young

Blood Past by Samantha YoungTitle: Blood Past
Series: Warriors of Ankh, #2
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9781463779047
Tags: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

All Eden wants is redemption… but the road to redemption is never an easy one.

Travelling to Scotland to find her mother’s bloodline, Eden is soon embroiled in the politics and training of the Scottish Warriors of Neith. It is a world where some stand with open arms ready to welcome her as family, while others keep a wary distance, conspiring against her. Through it all Eden learns of love, friendship, and what it means to be a warrior. Her future has promise… that is until a man she thought was forever gone from her life returns to threaten it all.

When the one person Eden loves above all else is endangered, she will have to make a choice. Him… or her?

Life is such a bitch…

… but so is Eden when you don’t play nice.

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Eden is on her way to meet her mother’s family. Family…. very distant descendants of her mother to be honest. Not possible right? Except if your mother was an immortal warrior. Those tend to stick around for a while. And it’s only her mother’s descendants that can help her. Only their blood can prevent her full transformation in a Souleater and make her a full immortal warrior.

Unfortunately, Noah traveled with her. She still hasn’t forgiven him. How could he treat her that way, betray her? Why did Cyrus make him come? Eden doesn’t want anything to do with him. Thank God Cyrus and Valeria are also traveling with them. Otherwise the trip would have seem endless…

Her problems don’t end once they arrive in Ireland. Eden’s arrival is met with mixed feelings. Her mother’s family welcomes her with open arms. The other Neith, however, are less than thrilled to have her in their midst. And finally, the moment she has waited for has come. Her transition. Only it doesn’t exactly go as planned….

I’m sorry, but this will be a very short review. I found it very hard to feel anything particular. Not that it was a bad story, on the contrary, it’s a good sequel to Blood Will Tell. I sincerely enjoyed reading it. But that is all I can say about it. There was nothing that really stood out, good or bad alike. It’s just a good follow-up with a good story. It was a bit too standard. I had troubles with getting my heart into the story and it didn’t leave a lasting expression.

I did like however to delve deeper in the world of the Neith and to get to know what warriors against evil do daily. I love it when a writer not only creates a new race, but also gives them a history and purpose. A reason to be. And when he or she doesn’t forgot those minuscule details. It gives so much more depth to a story!


3 HEARTS. Although I liked the book, there was not a thing that stood out for me. Hence this very short review. It was too standard and I just couldn’t get myself to feel anything. It was interesting, though, to get more knowledge about the daily activities of a Neith and how the whole society works. Even the smallest were thought of.

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Warriors of Ankh

  1. Blood Will Tell
  2. Blood Past
  3. Shades of Blood

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