Amazon: Allow international Amazon customers to lend Kindle books

And I’m now officially back! Sorry for the short hiatus, but with all the exams, holidays and such it was a bit too much to also update my blog regularly and read books. Fortunately all this is over now, so I can finally read again! It’s been sooo long since I’ve read a book. I’m really craving my books now 😉

I also want to use this post to bring the following to your attention: a petition. A petition started by Catherine from A site that matches kindle lenders and borrowers. I also use it often. She started a petition so people from outside the US would be allowed to lend books too.

At the moment international Kindle users, including me, are unable to lend books to other people. We can borrow, but not lend. Which is a bit strange, don’t you think? Therefore Catherine started this petition, so we can make it clear to Amazon that there are a lot of people outside the USA who want to lend book to others too. I’ve got soo many books I could lent to other people. So please help support our case and sign! And be sure to let other people now about it too!

We need you

Please sign the petition!


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