Blue Mondays (14): War of the Witches by Maite Carranza

Blue Mondays

Monday mornings are the toughest mornings. Knowing the weekend is over and you’ll have to go to school or work again… But here is my solution: Blue Mondays!  Every Monday I will pick an awesome book, which I hope will make the week almost bearable for you. Cause reading it will make you forget about everything else! And before you know it, weekend has started once again ^^

War of the Witches by Maite Carranza

Outsider Anaid leads a solitary life in a small village in the Pyrenees with her mother Selene. She does not suspect there is anything particularly strange about her family, aside from her mother’s personal eccentricities . . . until one day Selene disappears without a trace and Anaid is confronted with a shocking truth: her mother is a witch, prophesied to be the chosen one to end an ancient war between two feuding clans.

Clan of the She-Wolf by Maite Carranza
Dutch Translation

This is one of my favorite series. But to be honest I actually prefer the Dutch title: Clan of the She-Wolf. It fits the story better. And that was also what got me to read this book. I just love everything wolf-related ^^ I don’t think I would’ve gotten this book if it was named War of the Witches. The story is quite good, I at least read it in one sitting, so it’s excellent for Blue Mondays. It’s got magic, a she-wolf, a prophecy, an epic battle, romance. What more can a girl want? And it will make you forget the world around you, so you won’t notice the weekend is already over 😉

Happy Reading!

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