Review: Black Waters by Maija Barnett

Black Waters by Maija BarnettTitle: Black Waters
Series: The Songstress Trilogy, #1
Author: Maija Barnett
Publisher: Self Published
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Mermaids, Paranormal
Hearts: ♥

Sixteen-year-old mermaid Abby Carson thought she had her secret under control. Who cares if after “the change” took place, she became so beautiful that all the girls at school hated her. And the boys, well, when they look at her, hate isn’t exactly what’s going through their minds.

But when Abby witnesses a teenage girl’s murder by a preternatural creature off the coast of Cape Cod, her carefully controlled life slips into chaos. Hiding in the water until the killer’s gone is a must. Getting spotted by Brian Baker, a boy from school, isn’t. Neither is falling in love with him. That definitely wasn’t part of the plan.

Combine all this with the mysterious mermaid box Abby receives as a postmortem birthday gift from her dad, and she’s pulled even deeper into the world of shades and monsters. Once the full force of Abby’s deadly siren powers are revealed, the only one she can hurt more than herself is the boy she loves.

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This book took off with a very strong start: Abby discovers a girl drowning in the water, but is unable to save her. It’s a really good way to put someone right in the middle of the story. Unfortunately those first pages were also the best in the whole book. The further I went, the more downhill it got. Till I had to struggle to finish the last chapters. That’s why I decided to not do my usual summary / introduction. I just don’t feel like it after reading this book, I’ve had enough.

What was the reason then that made this book go from a good book to something I don’t want to read anymore? It’s not something that I can explain in words. The excitement and suspense just went away, right after the start. And I didn’t like what was left. It was also hard for me to see the story as a whole, it felt more like you watched different scenes without any connection between them, no transition from one scene to the other.

I also had problems bonding with Abby and Brian. Abby acted a little bit too dependent and she wasn’t the kind of person that knows what to do and what not in certain situations like a normal person would. Brian on the other hand is too pessimistic. There isn’t a page where he forgets to mention how dangerous he thinks Abby is and that this time she will kill him for sure. Moreover he keeps thinking such things, even after he knows that it’s not something Abby has control over and she has no intention of killing him at all . With no other funny or lovable characters in the book, it became a bore to read about the latest ‘Abby action’ or pessimistic thoughts.

I know I’ve put Romance as a tag, but in reality it’s hard to find in the book. Although there is a certain pull that Brian experiences. Abby is no doubt the most beautiful girl he has ever seen, but that is  because of the mermaid genes. And Abby seems to like Brian just fine, too. And then they are suddenly a couple? What did I miss? Where is the slowly budding relationship? Where are the kisses? The emotions they have to experience? There isn’t even a confession? And no, they don’t have the ability to read their minds. So this was a bit of a disappointment for me.


1 HEART. The start of the book was intriguing, but it failed to keep my attention. I had a hard time bonding with Abby and Brian, who aren’t very likable to me. Furthermore the romance was very hard to find and not the best to read about. Such a shame for a book with such a good start!

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The Songstress Trilogy

  1. Black Waters

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