Review: Captivated by Deb Apodaca

Captivated by Deb ApodacaTitle: Captivated
Series: Affliction, #1
Author: Deb Apodaca
Publisher: Eminent Books
ISBN: 9780983392903
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Vampires
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“I stood close to the edge looking down at what I thought was my death. Then, I somehow ignored the water and only saw him. He looked like a dark angel on a cloud of mist holding his arms out to me. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. Then I jumped.” Mindy
Mindy’s new best friend, Markus Medina, witnesses Dean kill two people behind a club. Mindy has a hard time believing him, especially when he mentions that the bodies disappear. Poof! Into thin air. Markus decides he has to follow Dean around in order to get evidence that he’s been killing people, so he doesn’t sound like a nut to the police.

Despite Marcus’ crazy theories about the possibility of Dean not being human. And not to mention the fact that he’s dangerous. Mindy can’t help that she may be falling in love with him. Even after hiding their feelings for each other from the world. Dean and Mindy being together stirs up dangers that neither of them could ever imagine. When she finds out about what Dean really is and the world he tried to keep her away from…it’s already too late.

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It’s the end of the summer holidays. Micky overslept, she has only minutes to be ready for the first day of school. Marcus enters her room, she really has to hurry now. He doesn’t want to be late on his first day! She rushes with her make-up, gets dressed and runs outside. To see Marcus’s new car. Which looks just like a shoe…

Once arrived at school, Micky is happy to see her first class is with Tanya and Ayden, her friend with benefits, is in it too. It seems they have a new kid at school. One who looks very white and perfect. And defends her when Ayden is harassing her once again. A guy who destroys her ability to speak… 

She also sees Dean again, who seems itching to start a fight with the new kid, Shane. Dean, her childhood friend, who shut her out of his life after the death of his parents.To crown it all she’s coupled with him for the rest of this year. This day couldn’t have started better…

It took me a while to get in the story. But once I was in, the story got better with every page I turned, till a truly amazing finale. And then there was a dumbfounding cliffhanger, which made me yearn for the next book. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to buy the next book yet…

The way everything built up to the grande finale was also good. Slowly but surely every piece of the puzzle is revealed. Hints are dropped and it’s up to you to put them together, the right way. Boy I was lead astray quite often. Finding the right path again made it much more fun to read this one ^^

Though, one thing that bothered me while reading was that, suddenly, near the end of the story, it’s told through Dean’s perspective. And I didn’t see why this was necessary. Not that it was horrible or boring to read, but I had gotten used to Mindy and reading Dean’s mind, I just didn’t see the advantage.

Another thing that kinda bothered me was Mindy’s relationship with Marcus. He just went in her bathroom, just as she was finished showering. Even if he’s a good friend, I just don’t see me doing it with my very good male friends. Unless he’s gay, which I started to believe when I read he’s only got two girl friends (I know this is kinda a prejudice….). But this is contradicted somewhere further in the story. Even now I don’t know what they are and what Marcus is… It’s kind of an enigma 😉

The switch from Dean ignoring Mindy to Dean acknowledging Mindy was quite sudden. And it seemed without reason. Was it just because he looked at her? That’s a bit hard to believe, since he spend years ignoring her. Because he’s had enough? There really are no signs for his sudden change and that bothered me quite a lot. People don’t change on one’s own accord. Usually something else is the trigger. And how Mindy reacted when she experienced something quite traumatizing was a little strange. She just doesn’t speak about it and it’s kind off forgotten later on. That’s not how you cope with things like that. It’s just not possible to function normally after what happened….

Furthermore it looked like at times some sentences were missing . How is it otherwise possible that Shane and Dean are sitting calmly next to each other after a fight? What did I miss?


4 HEARTS. A great book to read, even with some minus points. But those didn’t make the story worse, on the contrary, they made the story more charming to me. The end… I don’t have words for this ending, it was that good. It’s so unlike most stories I’ve read, an end that makes you want to read the next book as soon as possible ^^

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  1. Captivaited
  2. Unattainable

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