Review: Change by Soraya Lane

Change by Soraya LaneTitle: Change
Author: Soraya Lane
Publisher: Self Published
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Shifters
Hearts: ♥ ♥

When her twin sister dies of a mysterious heart condition, Riley King is sent to her grandma’s ranch. But instead of the isolation she’s been aching for, she learns of a family secret that’s been deliberately kept from her, until now.

As if finding out she’s actually a leopard wasn’t enough shock for one vacation, Riley meets Hunter Logan … the guy she’s promised to. For life. But Riley has no intention of being told what to do by anyone, certainly not some stubborn, dominant shifter. Even if he can make her purr, her claws are slicing out. Until Riley realizes that not fulfilling her destiny would commit her sister to a life on the other side without her.

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Riley sits in the car and stares despairingly  in front of herself. The sun pricks in her eyes. Why does it shine anyway? There should be clouds and rain! Nature should mourn the death of her twin sister, Claudia…….

Since the death of Claudia, her twin sister, Riley ended up in a black hole. To help her mourn and get over Claudia’s death Riley is sent to her grandmother, who lives somewhere in a remote area. Her parents hope that with time she’ll learn to live with her sorrow and go on with her own life.

However, things don’t go as her parents hoped… From the moment she sets a foot in her grandmother’s house, her world is turned upside down. She learns that shapeshifters do exist, in the form of Black Leopards. And she is one of them! She also gets to know Hunter, who (according to her grandma) is destined to fight beside her against their sworn enemy:the Infecti (aka Soul Suckers). The most surprising discovery is that her sister is alive, well sort of… But it is up to Riley to make a decision. Embrace her new life, take Hunter as her mate and fight or go back home and never see Hunter or her sister again…This will be the biggest decision she’ll ever make in her life….

I was so happy to hear from Soraya Lane that I was the winner of her blog tour giveaway ^^ But (you could hear this one coming, right?) I’m sorry to say that this story wasn’t meant for me. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. The most important element was missing in the story. A must have for me to enjoy a story: the ability to bring the story alive. It remained “flat.” Every time I read a story, it becomes a 3D movie in my head. I create my own world. I see everything that happens, I can picture how everyone looks and, most important of all: I create a bond with the characters (the one I like 😉 ). The 3D effect was missing. I wasn’t able to travel to the wondrous world of Change. No movie means no pictures and no bond. Which leads to a not so entertaining story and in my eyes a lack of connection between the scenes. And I sincerely looked forward to reading this story… What a letdown…

Furthermore I had a bit of trouble with the speed between the events. Day 1: A forlorn Riley because of her sister’s death and the meeting with Hunter. Day 2: After she met Hunter and became a Leopard her sister’s sorrow is a blip on her mind. Day 3: Why was she morning? If your twin sister, with whom you had an incredibly connection, dies and you’re mourning, it’s just not possible to just forget about the whole ordeal. And this was before she found out that her sister was still sort of alive… And then there’s the speed with which Riley seems to make life changing decisions. It’s okay to sleep a night on it, it won’t go away and you’ve still got some time to answer the question. Some decisions shouldn’t be made with the feelings you feel at the moment… Especially if you still have doubts…

What got me through the book where the hints that were dropped about Claudia and the blossoming romance between Riley and Hunter, which was cute at times. Although what stayed with me after reading this book is the situation with Claudia. She obviously died, but how could she still be alive? The climax was a bit of a let down. It didn’t seem fair for Claudia. I have a sister too, but I don’t think I would have had the same peace with the situation as she would have. Isn’t there something that can be done about it? It’s been happening for generations. Isn’t there someone who could stop this?

Reading this book also raised some questions, Like: How are other female Leopard’s created? Do they have to go through the same ordeal? Who exactly is the enemy? There’s a short update, but they are nearly non-existent till the end… And so on… It gave me the feeling that some things weren’t completely thought through, or some things were forgotten. There were not enough details or hints to give me the whole story…


2 HEARTS. I wasn’t able to create a world inside my head and therefore unable to create a bond with the characters. The speed with which some scenes happen was too fast to be credible. Riley went through different feelings at lightning speed, which made  it hard to believe. On top of this, the book raised more questions than the answers I got. What kept me reading and the reason for the two stars is the hints about Claudia and the blossoming romance between Riley and Hunter. Although what really happened with Claudia was a let down…

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2 thoughts on “Review: Change by Soraya Lane”

  1. I’ve never heard of this one before, but after your review, I think I’ll pass on it. Flat, lifeless stories with hollow characters aren’t really my cup of tea, either, Witchmag. 🙂 Lovely review, and fine points you made!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I was a bit torn about this one. Although the majority was flat, lifeless and hollow, it still had it’s moments, which saved the book from being dropped ^^

      Thanks for stopping by my blog ^^ And thanks for liking my review ^^


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