Review: Scorched Skies by Samantha Young

Scorched Skies by Samantha YoungTitle: Scorched Skies
Series: Fire Spirits, #2
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9782475017929
Tags: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Magic, Genies
Source: Bought
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥


The White King has crossed the line, sounded the horn, sent out the wolves.

When blood is shed and life is lost the reality of Ari’s position as both hunter and prey finally sets in. It seems her father will stop at nothing to force her will to his own and distracted by Charlie’s latest mistake and her seemingly misguided attraction to Jai, Ari never thought to fear anyone else but the Jinn King.

Blindsided and attacked, Ari learns a new wolf has joined the hunt. A dark sorcerer believes he knows a way to bleed the power of the Seal and wield it as his own, and he is even less patient than The White King.

The War for the Seal has only just begun… and it’s time for Ari to turn it on its head.
It’s time for Ari to stop acting like the hunted.

It’s time for Ari to become the hunter.

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After rescuing her “Dad” from her biological father, he refuses to face her. He didn’t know she wasn’t his real daughter and has a hard time coping with it. And then there’s  the problem with her developing feelings for her guardian Jinn, which he rejected. Oh and before we forget, there’s also her best friend / former crush who received the powers of a sorcerer, while it’s Ari’s decree to have as little as possible to do with the Jinn world…

Ari has had enough, she can’t do it anymore. Fortunately, there’s still something amazing, her newly discovered magic! Till Jai spoils the fun by explaining what consequences the use of magic has. Lovely! Couldn’t he mention stuff like this a little bit earlier? 

When her father, who has locked himself up in his room for the last couple of days, finally runs out of the house, Ari follows him to confront him. They end up in the woods and finally have a decent conversation. A conversation that will have a great impact on Ari…..

Finally! The sequel! I waited a long time for this one ^^ And I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint me! Usually, when I can’t wait to read the sequel of a book I’ve loved, my expectations are so high that it ends up in me being very disappointed. Fortunately I loved this one very much ^^

At the start of this one you already have to cope with a very shocking incident. How Ari deals with it afterwards, is written very well. It’s very credible and it made it very easy for me to put myself in her place. She grows tremendously in this book. In Smoking Fire I got the idea that she stood back and let everything happen, but now she’s ready to take the reins and make decisions! Love it! I really like heroines who know what they want ^^

I’m slowly getting annoyed with Charlie. More and more he’s starting to behave like an egoist. Okay, the death of his brother was very traumatic, but because of it he treats Ari very badly. And he refuses to see that some things can be very addicting and therefore not good for you. It wasn’t very interesting or thrilling to read a part of the story through his eyes. Normally I tend to have a lot of sympathy for the loosing side of the love triangle, but not this time -.- Good riddance!

Talking about the love triangle, Jai on the other side has also had to endure his fair share of traumatic experiences for his family. And he didn’t turn in an asshole. So he deserves someone who loves him all the more. In this book you’ll find out why he rejected Ari in the first place, although he finally starts paying more attention to her ^^

The story also gets more engrossing. More and more hints are dropped and you’ll find out more how the events happened. Although the hints also make me have more and more questions ^^ The Jinn stay as mysterious as they are and it’s still hard to find out on which side each one is, which makes reading this story the more exiting ^^


3 HEARTS. It’s a an amusing book to read. Charlie, however made reading it less fun, therefore no higher rating. The story gets more engrossing and ends in a huge cliffhanger, which makes me very curious to the next book ^^

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  2. Scorched Skies
  3. Borrowed Ember
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