Review: Hidden Gem by India Lee

Hidden Gem by India LeeTitle: Hidden Gem
Series: Hidden Gem, #1
Author: India Lee
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9781463636265
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Source: Bought
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Lavishly disguised pop singer, Queen Bee, is known abroad for her high-fashion wardrobe and killer vocals. In the states, she’s just Gemma Hunter – shy suburban teenager in her strange new role of high school junior.

Luckily, Gemma is taken under the wing of the fiery and popular Madison, who leads her into the high school life of the charmed. Her world as Gemma quickly becomes everything she ever wanted in a normal life – that is until international teen heartthrob, Tyler Chase, announces his celebrity crush on Queen Bee. Suddenly, Gemma’s alter ego becomes a household name as the handsome singer’s loyal “Tyler Chasers” create a frenzy to discover her true identity.

And just when Gemma thinks she can hide from the celebrity drama in her high school life, Lucas – her next door neighbor as well as Madison’s boyfriend – develops an interest in her that goes far beyond platonic, and Gemma soon learns that rumors aren’t strictly for the stars.

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After a European Tour as Queen Bee, a rising star, school and daily live starts for Gemma. The real girl behind Queen Bee. However, the transition between star and girl next door is a bit difficult for Gemma.  Especially since this will be her first time going to school, instead of being home schooled. Because in real life Gemma isn’t the confident, sexy Queen Bee, but a quiet and a slightly shy teenager.

Her school year starts refreshingly with almost drowning in a lake, while trying to save a puppy. Fortunately her handsome neighbor manages to save her just in time. From the moment she looks into his eyes, she’s instantly attracted to him and even starts to hope that there will be something happening between them. But then the first day of school arrives and her hopes are shattered…

On this day she gets to know Madison and her friends and befriends them. Imagine how great the shock is when Gemma discovers that Madison is Lucas’ girlfriend! It becomes an ever bigger problem when Lucas gives Gemma signs that he’s also attracted to her… What should a girl do? Betray her new friend? But then Maddison starts to feel something fishy is going on…

This book was a very pleasant surprise! The idea behind the story appealed to me from the beginning. Otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it of course ;). But the blurb doesn’t really tell what the story is about and there were also some perplexing turns. I didn’t see them coming at all! But it was great to read it ^^

At first I thought this story would be about Gemma’s double life as Queen Bee. Surprisingly that doesn’t get much attention, there isn’t even one soul who thinks she could be Queen Bee. Instead you get to know the “normal” Gemma and how she has problems with her two identities. I especially liked reading about that. Cause everyone knows that fame also has a downside…

There’s one thing I didn’t like about this book an that’s the very accurate description of the clothes and shoes. She’s wearing Prada this, Gucci there… I’m not that into clothes so I found it a little annoying. I really don’t care what she’s wearing, I wanna know more about what’s happening! Fortunately the elaborate descriptions became less as the story progressed. Or I quit paying attention to it 😉

I also had a bit of trouble switching between the events. In my Kindle version the text is written without any spaces between different events, so sometimes it was a little bit difficult to understand that there’s something new starting. But this is just a little design problem and doesn’t detract anything from the story ^^


4 HEARTS. A lovely story to read, with unexpected twists. I liked the ending, although I don’t like the choice that’s been made. It’s clearly an open ending too, but fortunately without a cliffhanger. I can’t stand those things 😉

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Hidden Gem

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