Review: Caszandra by Andrea K. Höst

Caszandra by Andrea K. HöstTitle: Caszandra
Series: Touchstone, #3
Author: Andrea K. Höst
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9780987056429
Tags: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

Cassandra Devlin doesn’t know what she’s for. But she knows she’s running out of time.

Since Cass was rescued from the abandoned world of Muina, the Aussie teen has proven more than useful to the people of Tare. Expeditions to their home world no longer end in slaughter. The teaching city of Kalasa has been unlocked. After years of searching for answers, they are starting to make progress.

But space is tearing itself apart. Ionoth attack in ever-greater numbers. And “the useful stray” has been injured so many times that the Tarens hesitate to use her for fear of losing her.

With one particular Taren now her most important person, Cass is determined to contribute everything she can – and hopes to find some answers of her own. What is the link between Muina and Earth? Why are the reclusive Nurans so interested in ‘rescuing’ her? And what role in the crisis do the inhuman Cruzatch play?

Can Cass keep herself together long enough to find out?

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*Deep Sigh* And so this story ends… At the moment I’m not happy that this was the last story about Cass and the Sentari. I wanna know more! Fortunately I found out that there will be a free epilogue coming out in two weeks, so I’m looking forward to finding out who ends up with who ^^ (most important info 😉 )

Just like Lab Rat One, a lot was happening in this one. To the extend that I can’t even remember what exactly happened at the beginning, only the ending is still freshly printed in my memory ;). But that’s not a problem for me, it really makes me want to start reading it again, the same reaction I had as with Lab Rat One. And as I said, I can’t give a bigger compliment to a writer 😉

I’m so glad that Cass and Kaoren are finally a couple. I was so excited for Cass at the ending of Lab Rat One (I actually read the ending a couple of times, loved it that much 😉 )! In this book we find if their relation will work. I liked it a lot that there is no “destined lover” in this series, just a girl and boy falling in love. You also don’t see that she loves him back in every sentence. Of course there are moments where she swoons (especially after watching her secret Kaoren collection 😉 ) but that’s totally understandable ;). And also in this book there are some great “squeel” moments and Cass has some really funny comments about Ruuel, that will make you laugh out loud ^^

As usual Cass spends some time in medical, with all the tests and scans, although this time she endures it a lot better. They even start to get an idea of what her powers are and what she can do with it, till the moment she does something totally unexpecting again. But that’s just Cass 😉

Overall rating 5 hearts. It was a great read and I had a hard time putting it down to go to my lectures (you can guess that I wasn’t paying much attention, wanted to know how the story continued 😉 ). I really loved the world Andrea K. Höst described with its amazing characters and I’m sad to say goodbye to it all. Although I have still the epilogue to look forward to ^^

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  3. Caszandra

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4 thoughts on “Review: Caszandra by Andrea K. Höst”

  1. Hi! Great post!
    Thanks for the link back to my blog too. 🙂

    BTW- you might want to know that there is a new “Touchstone” offering. Andrea has release “Gratuitous Epilogue”. I have downloaded it onto my Kindle, but i haven’t read it yet. As the title suggests, I think it is basically just a ‘catch up’ with everyone from the series. A where are they now kind of deal.


    1. Thanks for liking my review!
      I already read the epilogue and it’s exactly as you describe it. Therefore I’m not posting a review about it. It’s meant for the people who want to know how it really ends and reviewing it would spoil it for those people 😉


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