Healed by Fire by Catherine Banks is now available!

This is such great news! Healed by Fire, the third book of the Artemis Lupine series is finally out! It was originally scheduled to come out somewhere at the beginning of 2012, but to my delight I saw it available on Smashwords this morning! For the Kindle lovers among you, it’s also available on Amazon. I just bought it, but I have to wait till after school and I can read it… Such a long time. *Sigh* Anyway here’s the blurb with the amazing cover. I really like the covers that Catherine Banks makes for her books ^^.

I loved reading Song of the Moon and Kiss of a Star, so I’ll know I’ll love reading this one too. For those who don’t know this great series (shame on you 😉 ), I posted a review of Song of the Moon on my site. Read it if you want to know what I’m rambling about this early in the morning 😉

Healed by Fire by Catherine Banks


“The dark approaches. Fire will consume and restore, happiness and pain must be experienced collectively. Death for three will be the end.”

Her memory taken and her whereabouts unknown Artemis is taken in by a coven of witches who give her the name Chandra. After an intense interaction with the Beta of the Werewolves, whom she can’t deny a connection to, Chandra learns that there are people who know her true identity and that she’s not the only halfbreed werewolf alive. Is he really her mate? Just who was she in this previous life? Does she even want to find out the truth? And can she decipher the meaning of her death prophecy before it’s too late?

Still interested? You can buy it here:



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