Review: Moon Spell by Samantha Young

Title: Moon Spell
Series: The Tale of Lunarmorte, #1
Author: Samantha Young
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 9781456453008
Tags: Young Adult, Romance, Werewolves, Magic, Paranormal
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

It’s bad enough feeling different among the human crowd, but feeling different among wolves?

No one said returning to her pack would be easy, especially after ten years without them, but seventeen year old Caia Ribeiro is unprepared for the realities of the transition. Raised in a world where kids aren’t scared by bedtime tales of the bogeyman but by the real life threat of enemy supernaturals who might come creeping into their community to kill them in their sleep, Caia is used to the darkness; she’s used to the mystery and the intrigue of the ancient underworld war she’s bound to by chance of birth. What she’s having trouble with are pack members treating her with wary suspicion, the Elders tucking secrets behind their backs out of her sightline, and her young Alpha, Lucien, distracting her, with a dangerous attraction, from her decision to discover the truth.

But as the saying goes ‘the truth will out’ and when it does, Caia will only have so long to prepare herself before the war comes pounding on their door threatening to destroy the safe, secret lives of the wolves… and the girl they protect.

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For the first time in her life will Caia be a part of a pack. After the brutal murder on her parents by someone from the Midnight Coven, their sworn enemies, and their attempt to kill Caia too when she was young, she fled with Irini, another pack member. They went into hiding, until now…. Now it’s safe to return to the rest of their pack. Caia, who’s always been a loner, is suddenly the center of attention for more than 30 people, who just keep staring at her…

To make matters worse, the most impressive and hot man she’s ever seen turns out to be her leader, Lucien. And the most peculiar thing happens when they shake hands. From the first touch a glow of warmth goes through her whole body and it’s obvious she’s not the only one who felt it! For the first time in her life,  Caia is actually attracted to a man! Although she knows, things will never work out obviously, since he’s the pack leader and she’s just a nobody…

Gradually Caia grows accustomed to the life of a pack. She even starts enjoying it! The only problem is that the water pipes in the house seem to burst a lot when she’s experiencing very strong emotions and that her attraction to Lucien is increasing by the minute. She also starts to believe that the pack is keeping secrets from her, important secrets that explain how she’s feeling and what’s happening to her. Caia doesn’t know what to do. She thought the pack had accepted her? Then she discovers what the secrets are and suddenly the ground is swept under her feet. Everything she knew turned out to be one big lie. Caia doesn’t know who she can trust anymore…

I had concentration issues for the first couple of chapters. You were pushed into the dark and had to figure out what the hell was happening.  I had to reread a lot before I finally managed to get a grip on the story, but it was more than worth it!

I was very happy to discover that in this book the attraction between mates isn’t infinite and all explainable. Caia manages to make a firm stand when Lucien has lied to her for the umpteenth time, she even wants to have nothing to do with him for a time! Okay, there are some weak moments, but given the circumstances, completely understandable.

Lucien… Lucien is a typical alpha male. He acts very rationally when he tries to protect his mate. He only seems to forget again and again that Caia has FEELINGS and that she isn’t a CHILD anymore. So what happens is his own fault and so I have no problem that he’s reaping what he sowed, except he hurts Caia a lot with it.

The end was so bittersweet. I had a hard time keeping it dry, cause I didn’t expect it at all! After finishing the book I was still thinking about what happened. I just couldn’t let it go and envisioned all kinds of different scenarios in my head, to make it better. That wasn’t the only time something very unexpected happened, although this was the most shocking one. I really like it when books keep me on the edge of the seat, while not knowing what the next page will bring.

Overall rating 4 hearts. I was actually planning to give this one 5 hearts. Then I remembered my struggling at the beginning of the book. I actually considered to put this one down! Fortunately the rest of the book was way better! Look forward to the next book!

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The Tales of Lunarmorte

  1. Moon Spell
  2. River Cast
  3. Blood Solstice

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