Review: Song of the Moon by Catherine Banks

Title: Song of the Moon
Series: Artemis Lupine, #1
Author: Catherine Banks
Publisher: Self published
ISBN: 9781448659432
Tags: Young Adult, werewolves, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal
Source: Bought
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Recommended for older teens

What if you found out that there was another world inside your own? What if all the things you thought made you weird, actually made you powerful?

Artemis’s life is changed forever when the mysterious man from her dreams, Ares, comes to claim her as his mate. The seventeen year old girl must find a way to adapt to her true life and accept her fate or run from it. She must overcome her fears and human ideals to give her self to the dangerous world, and man, that is her destiny.

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Her best friend Brent just graduated and leaves town at the end of summer. Thus Artemis’ father, Darren, decides they should all go on a trip and make some great last memories. His only condition: no TV. First stop: Las Vegas, then Reno and when this story starts they arrive in Salt Lake Tahoe. They can do whatever they want: gambling, drinking and partying. Darren even got them some fake ID’s.

After the luggage is put away, they go and grab something to eat. Inside the restaurant, the three of them can walk straight past the long waiting line, since Darren knows the owner. However, when Koda, the owner, shows up to greet Darren, he isn’t exactly thrilled. Koda, in turn is very surprised to hear that Artemis has never heard of him. When they leave the restaurant, he gives his phone number to Artemis and tells her she can always call him…

Darren sends Artemis and Brent gambling in the casino and on her way to play the slots, she sees Koda talking to a man. When she walks towards the two to say hi to Koda, the other man turns around and she recognizes him immediately. It’s the man from her dreams! The past 10 days she has had exactly the same dream, about a big black wolf that shifts into the man Koda is talking with…

In a trance she walks towards the man, but Darren stops her and growls to the men. Then he and Brent take her to the car with Brent and he drives away as quick as possible. Artemis, struggling the entire time, eventually gets a seizure in the car. She has gotten seizures since her puberty, so Darren and Brent now how to help her go through this one.

The next day, when she goes swimming with Brent and some of his friends (she doesn’t have anyone except Brent, because she’s considered a misfit at school) they see three enormous wolves on the banks of the lake. One of them looks a lot like the wolf of her dreams…..

A little later they find out why they weren’t allowed to watch the news. Whole countries are wiped out and scientists still don’t know what causes this phenomenon. Millions of people are dead or missing. The people in their village start to get frightened when videos start to appear of people killed by fog and huge wolves. Darren suggests to start practice in shooting. Meanwhile Artemis calls Koda, since he hinted that he knew what was happening when they left the hotel. Although Koda doesn’t explain anything, he says that she has to stay calm and that she’ll soon now what’s going on….

Then she receives a phone call from the mysterious man, Ares, who tells her he will come and get her soon.  A couple of days later the three wolves she saw at the bank of  the lake show up in her garden and suddenly the big black wolves transforms into Ares, just like in her dreams! He takes her with her and for Artemis a new period of her life starts, full of werewolves, vampires and other supernatural creatures. And Ares will be at her side with every step she takes….

This book was on my to-read list for a while, but I hadn’t taken the time to read it yet. I’m glad I finally did! The story is written in such a way that it’s hard to put the book down. You won’t stop reading till the end ( in my case 😉 ). However, there were some things the author could have paid a little more attention to ( not that I have big problems with how it looks like now 😉 ), since it just didn’t feel logical sometimes.

The first and major issue is with the attacks on humans, where millions are killed and missing. I imagine that if something like that would happen, there would be a creepy atmosphere or fear, but you didn’t notice a thing of that when they were traveling. Even when they went to Paris and walked to the Eifel Tower, people just continued their everyday life. This is not logical, since major cities were the target of these attacks. People must have been scared and running away from the big cities. Not continuing their daily lives like everything is fine and there isn’t a creepy mist that can murder them in seconds….

The second issue is that Artemis can be a bit naive, especially when boys are in the picture. Example: she doesn’t get that when two boys are fighting (literally) it’s because of her. Most girls would have understood what was happening before the boys were even lying on the ground…

I also had a problem with how she treated Brent and Ares. It’s possible that your best friend is in love with you, but it’s nice to take his feeling into consideration and not crush them by acting like they don’t exist at all. Initially, she treats Ares the same way, hurting his feelings ( he doesn’t retaliate  and stays nice to her… he’s amazing ^^). Even when she understands the way their bond works more and more, she still tramples his feelings occasionally and it makes me want to smack her and comfort Ares at the same tame (although it’s actually not a big dilemma, hugging Ares is way better ^^)

She has definitely a  problem with hierarchy. She doesn’t behave well in front of alphas, but when someone she considers inferior to her doesn’t treat her like one, all hell breaks loose. Although they are mates, the attraction between them was a bit too much at times. With half as much passion, I would have totally understood that they are destined to be with each other.

I didn’t have any problems with Ares, loved how he stayed so calm and nice (okay, he snapped sometimes, but that was completely understandable 😉 ) while Artemis was trampling on his heart. The only problem I had with him was the difference in age. He’s slightly *cough cough* older and you really notice it in his reactions. I know in Twilight they also have a huge age difference, but there you didn’t notice it as much and here it bothered me a little…

Overall rating: 4 hearts. Although I had some complaints, I still found it a great book to read. With a huge cliffhanger at the end *argh* If I can’t stand something it’s a cliffhanger -.-  It always make me want to read the next book immediately 😉 Therefore I will read the second book asap 😉

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Artemis Lupine

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  3. Healed by Fire
  4. Taming Darkness

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