Review: Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon

Title: Inner Demons
Series: Peachville High Demons, #2
Author: Sarra Cannon
Publisher: Dead River Books
ISBN: 2940011976292
Tags: Young Adult, Witches, Magic, Romance, Paranormal, Demons
Hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Note: Digital Book only

Becoming a Demons cheerleader was the last thing Harper Madison expected when she moved to the small town of Peachville. Now that she’s an official member of the squad, her training can begin. Only, this is no normal group of cheerleaders. Harper isn’t there to learn dances and cheers. She became a cheerleader in order to finally learn how to control the magic inside.

The Peachville Demons cheerleading squad is really a training ground for a powerful coven of witches called the Order of Shadows. The training opens up a new world for Harper. It’s a world of beauty and magic beyond her wildest dreams, but also a world of pressure and impossible expectations.

A world where every secret hides an even darker secret.

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The story starts a couple of weeks after book one, Beautiful Demons, ended. Harper is about to start with her first cheerleader practice, but of course there is an initiation ritual that Harper has to follow before she truly is one of them. It turns out that this ritual consists of getting a tattoo. Not just any tattoo, you have to get a magical one. The magic chooses something deep in your heart and brings it to the surface in the form of a tattoo, but when Harper wakes up the next morning to look what kind of tattoo she got, she isn’t exactly thrilled…

Harper soon finds out she’s got another enemy, this time it’s Morgyn Baker. She’s in love with Jackson and because Jackson pays a lot of attention to Harper, she’s very jealous of her. Surprisingly, the two girls seem to have more in common than they thought (and no it has nothing to do with Jackson 😉 ).

During her search for the truth about her mother, her own powers and the witches of Peachville, she does a surprising discovery about Jackson. This makes her wonder if Jackson really is what he claims to be.  A while later, when Jackson accused of murder she has to do her very best to get to him before the real murderer does….

This book was so much better than the first one! This time I was pulled into the story from the beginning and I couldn’t stop. The book actually forced me to read it till the end. There were so many things that surprised me and made me turn page after page after page. Harper didn’t annoy me at all this time and I was actually cheering for her to discover who the murderer was and to rescue Jackson. Although she seriously has to get a new boyfriend, what a JERK! Hopefully she dumps him soon! Even in this part I am not yet sure whether the witches are good or malicious. Luckily this time there were actually demons in it. Yay, me happy!

My overall rating this time is 4 hearts. I really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait till I get the next book in my hands (hopefully soon). Maybe I know by then the true nature of the witches by then 😉

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The Peachville High Demons

  1. Beautiful Demons
  2. Inner Demons
  3. Bitter Demons
  4. Shadow Demons
  5. Rival Demons
  6. Demons Forever

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